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Schulung - Business Acumen for HR professionals

3h Focus

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Learn in this virtual seminar to understand entrepreneurial thinking, "business acumen", as a key competence of strategic positioning of HR professionals. In this live online training, you will get an idea of the scope of this competency. You will learn the behaviors associated with Business Acumen and how to align your role more strategically while developing metrics for business impact. A key component of the seminar is in developing a business case and calculating ROI for critical HR activities.

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Anyone who wants to gain a broader understanding of the business and improve their own strategic positioning, who also wants to be able to present management information with strategic indicators.


To participate in this live online seminar, you will need a headset and a stable internet connection. No special knowledge is required for the content.


Outline of the competence "Business Acumen"

  • Business Acumen is entrepreneurial thinking
  • Conceptual description of Business Acumen
  • Business acumen - knowing the business and developing business acumen

Expression of entrepreneurial thinking in professional behavior

  • The 4-role model
  • Role competencies

Business Acumen in concrete business situations

  • Business acumen in action
  • Business acumen - generating business sense

Metrics in management

  • Types of metrics
  • ROI (Return on Investment): a necessary indicator
  • Benefits of metrics for business

Planning a strategic project as a business case

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Weitere Informationen

Schulung - Business Acumen for HR professionals