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Schulung - Time and Self-Management

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In this seminar you will become acquainted with the methods and techniques to help you deal with your daily business and to realise long-term plans. You will learn the benefits and importance of work techniques and you will receive concrete support for the implementation in your business situation.

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Wer sollte teilnehmen:


Project managers, team leaders, specialists and executives from all areas of the organisation.


Adequate command of English.



Identifying one s own strengths and weaknesses in connection with working style and behaviour - Fun tasks and nerve-wracking tasks - Resource providers and killers - Balance between self-discipline and chaotic creativity

Working efficiently:

Various work principles in business practice - Taking the performance curve into account - Planning activities - Checklists: how are they made and where can they help?

Using time:

Time budget and self-management - Time allotment and one s own personality - Time allotment and the demands of the organisation - Working with the time planning book - Handling appointments

Clarifying, formulating and agreeing on goals:

Taking stock of goals - Specifying goals - Defining time perspectives - Clarifying importance and urgency - Compatibility of different goals

Communication in the working environment:

Improved working results through target-oriented communication with colleagues and staff - Preparing, conducting and following through on meetings - Planning and conducting talks/negotiations

Effective use of technical equipment, analysis and effective layout of the workplace and environment:



Presentation, discussion, case studies, group work.

Weitere Informationen

Weitere Informationen

Schulung - Time and Self-Management