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Schulung - Efficient projects through agile methods

Scrum, Kanban & Co.

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"Agile" methods are characterized above all by the fact that they focus on questions of improving and controlling communication within a project, instead of relying exclusively on the formal rules of an orderly development process. After this training you will have a well-founded overview of the constantly growing spectrum of agile methods of software development. You will be able to make a qualified assessment of the possible use of the methods presented. Additionally you will have an idea of the challenges that the introduction of an agile method poses to a development organization.

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The training "Efficient projects through agile methods" is adressed at managers, project managers, software engineers and consultants, but is also suitable for all other people who want to work in agile projects in the future.


Experience in IT projects. Knowledge of software development and design patterns is advantageous as many of the methods presented are explicitly intended for software development projects. In principle, however, the basic principles of most methods can also be applied outside software development.


Basics of project management:

  • The "agile phase": agile vs. conventional project Management
  • Models for the Software Development Life Cycle phases
  • Best practices
  • The "sweet spot" of agility


"Do it Yourself": The Crystal Framework:

  • The Crystal Framework
  • Communication as a success key
  • Development methods
  • Systematic adaptation of processes
  • Crystal Clear and Crystal Orange


The top dogs: Scrum and EXtreme Programming (XP):

  • The Rugby Metaphor
  • The Scrum development cycle
  • Sprint and Sprint Planning, Daily Standup, Sprint Review and Retro Perspectives
  • Scrum roles: Product Owner, Scrum Master and Team Members
  • eXtreme Programming in Scrum
  • XP Values and Principles
  • XP Best Practices


The lean alternative: Kanban:

  • Visual Management
  • Basic principles and core elements
  • "Work in Progress" limitation
  • Measure and control workflow


The Synthesis: Design Thinking:

  • Basic principles
  • Design Thinking in context
  • The Design Thinking process


The Agile Manifesto



The seminar "Efficient projects through agile methods" is conducted by trainers with many years of experience in agile projects. Lectures, exercise examples, exchange of experience and discussions alternate during the training in a meaningful way.



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Weitere Informationen

Schulung - Efficient projects through agile methods