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Schulung - Communicating for impact

Using your influence to obtain results

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The main objective of this training is to provide participants with the opportunity to learn a range of skills of effective communication. The initial focus of the training is to identify the participants' personal communication style. Participants then use this insight to combine specific interactive skills with their personal style to develop into better communicators. 

The course emphasizes building and maintaining good relationships and dealing with different types of communication.

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Wer sollte teilnehmen:


Anyone who wants to communicate effectively and honestly in their professional or personal lives, employees, team leaders and managers,


Access to a computer with camera and internet connection that allows participation in Microsoft Teams.


Personal qualities 

  • Being aware of your strengths and areas of development
  • Your personal communication style
  • Values and beliefs
  • Theory of goal setting

Developing effective relationships

  • Influencing colleagues
  • Influencing leaders

Situational agility

  • Attitude toward basic life positions
  • Understanding through listening
  • Communicating sincerely


This training consists of alternating instructor-led live online training (3x3.5 hrs) and self-learning phases (2x1.5 hrs). You can expect an exciting learning journey that supports the transfer of what you have learned into your work practice. Even after completion of the training, additional digital elements are available to you for repetition and consolidation.

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Weitere Informationen

Schulung - Communicating for impact