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Schulung - ISTQB® Certified Tester - Foundation Level (CTFL) (English)

Preparation for CTFL 4.0 Certification

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4 Tage (28 Stunden)

On-demand Training
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In our certification training, we train you to become an ISTQB® Certified Tester - Foundation Level (CTFL) based on the current CTFL 4.0 syllabus. This updated syllabus provides a comprehensive insight into software development and ensures that graduates can successfully perform software testing in various contexts. The CTFL 4.0 course focuses on in-depth training on testing methods and techniques for both traditional and agile software projects. It also covers both iterative and sequential software development models. After completing the course, you will be familiar with the tasks, methods and techniques of software testing and test management. You will be familiar with all steps of the software testing process, from planning and specification to the execution and logging of tests.
Practical examples and exercises in this training course will prepare you to be able to apply the international ISTQB® Certified Tester standard in your project and in your organization immediately after the course. You can take the ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level certification exam after the seminar. You will receive further information on booking an individual online examination date a few days before the start of the seminar from the responsible examination organization.

  Necessary technical requirements and procedure for the online exam

The examination fee of EUR 240 plus VAT is not included in the price for the training.

This traiing is part of the Qualifcation Path

Qualifizierungsplaner Test Manager

Additional information in german Software Testing - certifications
Additional Information in germanISTQB Certified Tester - Software Testing

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This ISTQB® CTFL 4.0 seminar is aimed at testers, test analysts, test developers, test consultants, test managers and software developers. In addition, the course also addresses people in the roles of product owner, project manager, quality manager, requirements engineer, business analyst and IT manager who want to acquire a basic knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of software testing.


To successfully participate in this ISTQB® Certified TesterCTFL 4.0  training course, you need basic knowledge of the process of software development projects as well as basic knowledge of the test environment. Programming knowledge is not a prerequisite for participation.


This ISTQB seminar is conducted by the accredited training provider CGI.

Fundamentals of testing:

  • Definition of testing
  • Necessity of testing
  • Principles of testing
  • Test activities, Testware and Test roles
  • Essential Skills and Good Practices in Testing 

Testing throughout the Software Development Lifecycle:

  • Testing in the context of a Software Development Lifecycle
  • Test Levels and Test Types
  • Maintenance Testing

Static testing:

  • Basics of the static testing
  • Feedback & Review Process

Test Analysis and Design:

  • Test Techniques Overview
  • Black-box Test Techniques
  • White-box Test Techniques
  • Experience-based Test Techniques
  • Collaboration-based Test Approaches

Management the Test Activities:

  • Test Planning
  • Test Monitoring, Test Control and Test Completion
  • Configuration Management
  • Defect Management

Test Tools:

  • Tool Support for Testing
  • Benefits and Risks of Test Automation


Our experienced trainers from CGI will explain the basics of Software Testing according to the ISTQB® Certified Tester 4.0 syllabus in an understandable way. Discussions with other training participants, group exercises on the main topics and case studies will help you to consolidate your newly acquired knowledge and apply it to your projects.



We offer this seminar as a 4-day intensive seminar (course number 12230). In any case, we strongly recommend that you follow up the course material daily to prepare for the exam. During the training, supplementary documents may be sent by the instructor - therefore access to an internet-enabled device (with e-mail access) is helpful. With the help of the additional materials, we prepare you optimally for the "ISTQB® Certified Tester: Foundation Level 4.0" exam. After passing the exam, you can take part in further ISTQB® certification training courses at Cegos Integrata to become for example a Test Manager

You can collect PDUs at this seminar. More information here.

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Weitere Informationen

Schulung - ISTQB® Certified Tester - Foundation Level (CTFL) (English)