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Schulung - IREB® Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Foundation Level (English)

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In this training you will be trained to become an "IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering Foundation Level". The topic Requirements Engineering playing a key role inside of projects is therefore crucial for the success of projects. During this training you learn all of relevant knowledge concerning the elicitation, documentation, validation, negotiation and administration of requirements necessary to pass the certification exam "IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering Foundation Level". The contents of this course relies to the current IREB CPRE FL syllabus.
After the course you have the possibility to pass the exam.
You can take the certification exam for the "IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering Foundation Level (CPRE-FL)" after the seminar. You will receive further information on booking an individual online exam date a few days before the seminar starts from the responsible exam organization.

Necessary technical requirements and procedure of the online exam

The examination fee of 260 EUR plus VAT is not included in the seminar price. Our learning platform LearningHub @Cegos is part of this Face2Face seminar

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This IREB CPRE-FL seminar is intended for project managers, requirements engineers, requirements managers, business analysts, IT and software architects, software testers, business department staff, consultants and organizers who want to learn and prove the basics of requirements engineering according to the international standard IREB CPRE.


Helpful prerequisite for seminar participation::
  • Sem. 2010 or adequate knowledge,
  • UML Basics,
  • Work experience in the field of requirements engineering.


Introduction and overview of Requirements Engineering:

  • Requirements Engineering: What, Why, Where and How
  • Three types of requirements
  • Role and tasks of a requirements engineer

Basic principles of Requirements Engineering:

  • Get to know and understand the nine principles
  • Using principles as a basis for RE practices

Work products and documentation practices according to the IREB CPRE standard:

  • Getting to know work products in requirements engineering
  • Categories and levels of abstraction
  • Level of detail of requirements
  • Natural language documentation
  • Template-based documentation
  • Model-based documentation
    • Context modeling
    • Modeling of structure and data
    • Function and process modeling
    • State and behavior modeling
  • Use of glossaries
  • Prototypes in requirements engineering
  • Quality criteria for work products and requirements

Practices for Requirements Development:

  • Requirements sources
  • Requirements elicitation
    • Elicitation techniques
    • Design and ideation techniques
  • Conflict resolution for requirements-related conflicts
  • Validation of requirements

Process and work structure in Requirements Engineering:

  • Factors influencing RE processes
  • Facets of requirements engineering processes
  • Configuring a requirements engineering process

Practices for Requirements Management:

  • Life cycle of work products in RE
  • Version control
  • Configurations and baselines
  • Attributes for and views of requirements
  • Traceability
  • Requirement changes
  • Prioritization

Tool support:

  • Introduction of tools
  • Evaluation of tools

Preparation for the CPRE-FL exam



Our field-tested trainers explain the basics of requirements engineering according to the IREB CPRE Foundation Level syllabus in an understandable way. Discussions with the other participants of the training as well as the discussion of case studies help you to consolidate the newly acquired knowledge so that you can apply it in your projects. Exam preparation with the help of practice questions and answers on all key topics prepares you optimally for the certification exam



Daily follow up of the course day is  recommended. The examination fee is not included in the course fee.

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Weitere Informationen

Schulung - IREB® Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Foundation Level (English)