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Schulung - Remote Selling

  • Live Online Training
On-demand Training
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The central goal of this program is to help participants sell better in a remote environment. The aim is to put themselves in the best possible light in front of the camera in order to arouse interest, build trust and create the desired impression during online sales conversations. The focus is on creating a personal connection with the participants in the conversation and making online sales conversations a compelling, memorable experience.

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Wer sollte teilnehmen:


Anyone who has direct contact with customers or sales partners via virtual platforms.


Access to a computer with camera and internet connection that allows participation in Microsoft Teams.


Get to know, build and understand virtual environments

The R.A.B.F. principle 

  • R-relate - establish a personal connection with participants.
  • A-activate - tips to optimize concentration and interaction with participants.
  • B-benefit - making every second count, for the customer and for us.
  • F-feeling - how to make the event memorable, unique and impactful.

Effective online presentations

  • Basics of Rethoric
  • Basics of methodology
  • Use of digital media


This training consists of alternating instructor-led live online training (3x3.5 hrs) and self-learning phases (2x1.5 hrs). You can expect an exciting learning journey that supports the transfer of what you have learned into your work practice. Even after completion of the training, additional digital elements are available to you for repetition and consolidation.

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