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Schulung - Train the Trainer

Successful training - live or virtual

  • Live Online Training
On-demand Training
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Unsere Experten entwickeln Ihr individuell angepasstes Seminar!

In this seminar you will learn how to successfully prepare and conduct trainings, both online and in person. You will learn to identify the needs of seminar participants and to adapt content to your target group. This seminar also teaches how to make a training lively and effective by discovering and integrating your personal style.

Our learning platform LearningHub @Cegos is part of this seminar. In addition to the digital seminar documents, the training is enriched with further learning formats and media. In order to achieve a sustainable transfer of knowledge into everyday work, the seminar is implemented according to our 4REAL approach model.

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Wer sollte teilnehmen:


All participants who want to deliver training courses in live or virtual formats.


Access to a computer with camera and internet connection that allows participation in Microsoft Teams.


Preparing the training

  • Identifying good practice in adult learning
  • Focus on the needs of participants
  • Define the objectives
  • Determining pedagogical progress
  • Choosing appropriate methods and techniques
  • Preparing documents and materials for training

Leading a classroom or virtual classroom training activity

  • Getting a good start in training
  • Putting participants in good conditions to learn
  • Building on the exchanges between participants
  • Conducting useful feedback to learners
  • To master the training of various teaching techniques and tools
  • Give useful feedback to learners
  • Anticipate and react well to difficult situations


This training consists of alternating instructor-led live online training (3x3.5 hrs) and self-learning phases (2x1.5 hrs). You can expect an exciting learning journey that supports the transfer of what you have learned into your work practice. Even after completion of the training, additional digital elements are available to you for repetition and consolidation.

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